UAE Fencing Championship Al Ain, 23-24 Dec 2011

Dear Fencers, Dear Friends,

MK Fencing Academy is proud to announce that our MKFA team fencers showed amazing performance during the UAE Fencing Federation Al Ain Open Epee Championship over the past weekend.

Our team members were as follows:

MKFA Women

  • Karen Ahten (Epee)
  • Czarina Frez (Epee)


  • Ihab Fouad (Epee & Sabre)
  • Yasser Mahmoud Eidarawani (Epee)
  • Michel Gutierrez (Epee)
  • Mohamed Alaa (Epee)
  • Kelian Bonnot (Epee)

Karen Achten and Yasser Al Darwani got the 1st place in the Open Women Epee and Open Men Epee category. They have played with top skills and have shown great determination to get the UAE Fencing title and the Golden Cup!!!

With this achievement MKFA once again showed that the combination of the hard work of the fencers and coaches, plus the innovative fencing programs of MKFA brings us amazing results!

Thank you once again to all the fencers for their hard work and dedication to our programs, we are proud of you!

Yours in fencing,
MKFA (Maria, Dimitar and Mihail)