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about us


Welcome to MKFA Fencing Academy is founded in 2002, the first of its kind in the Middle East and it is the country’s premier academy for learning the Noble Olympic sport of Fencing, as well as developing existing fencing skills!

The Academy applies the innovative international coaching techniques of the Bulgarian Fencing system mixed with the Italian, French, Hungaria and Russian systems. That technique is influenced by the world-leading fencing masters that are used in the coaching of Olympic and World Champions in the various fencing swords.

Originally called Dubai Fencing Club it changed its name in 2008 to MKFA Fencing Academy to reflect the fact that operates throughout the UAE and the Middle East, not just Dubai.

The Academy’s primary objective is to promote modern fencing as an exciting and enjoyable sport for all, to be the central source of fencing and to give the opportunity to people to enjoy the sport of fencing in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, entire UAE and the Middle East. The MKFA coaching schedule covers junior fencing programmes (ages 6+), a recreational level of fencing programmes and competitive National and International level fencing programmes in the three swords Epee, Foil and Saber.

We invite you to browse through our website to learn more about fencing and the activities of our academy. You can join us to learn and play fencing by registering here. For complete fencing training schedule please click here.

MKFA Fencing Academy, UAE

“Where the Champions are born”


In the Academy are practising fencers from 6 years old – recreational and Olympic level of fencers! The training sessions are conducted by professional and very well educated Master coaches. The training sessions are flexible and focused on the individual goals of the fencers. The duration is between 30min (for the “one on one” private fencing sessions) to 90min (group sessions) it depends on the age, the level and the stage of preparation. The sessions are including specific fencing drills such as movements, techniques, tactics and match play.

If you have any questions, contact via email: fence@mkfencingacademy.com


  • To promote the Olympic sport of fencing amongst all people in the United Arab Emirates and in the region and make it sustainable and viable prospect for all citizens regardless of age, gender, culture and educational background.
  • To incorporate a special focus in all programmes and activities on youth inclusion and empowerment through sport.
  • To foster the youth potential and talents by encouraging the development of both recreational and competitive UAE national and expatriates fencers of all levels from beginners to Olympic players.
  • To develop and enhance athletes’ physical prowess and wellbeing as well as social competencies such as working as part of a team, solidarity, tolerance and fair play.
  • To provide the highest level of facility and equipment and maintain an outstanding safety environment.
  • To nurture a strong sense of community and enjoyment of the sport of fencing.

MK Fencing Academy at
Hamdan Sports Complex

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