Team Building

Fencing requires physical skills such as fitness and agility. It also requires behavioural skills such as problem-solving, decision making and communication between team members.The MK Fencing Academy is offering corporate team events which get the team out of the office, into a fun environment to learn the sport of fencing. Between the sessions on the physical aspects of the sport, we work on the behavioural skills which are also critically important in the workplace. The team gets to have a lot of fun while continuing to focus in the areas of:

  • Being able to commit to a shared goal
  • Being able to listen and respond to others in an objective and productive way
  • Being able to take on different roles in the group in order to accomplish these goals
  • Being open and honest with one’s ideas, concerns, and values

On this aspect, the MK Fencing Academy works with organisational psychologists and HR specialists from Innovative HR Solutions who are experienced in facilitation and specialising in unique approaches to communication and management development.

Because we recognise that every group is different and that every member of that group is also an individual, we feel that events must be specifically tailored for each group, targeting agreed areas identified during our pre-course discussions.Corporate Fencing Events follow an experiential learning style which allows individuals to actively participate and as an outcome experience success in achieving genuine and credible challenges. We build a wonderful team with happiness.

Here is a great opportunity for your team to get an energy boost and also experience a sense of meaningful development and achievement!!The event will be tailored towards examining the strengths and weaknesses of each team. Depending on whether it is a one or two-day session it can include:

  • Examining the strengths of a well-motivated team; and
  • The role played by individuals within that team.
  • The team’s current level of motivation
  • Developing a plan for the team to continue to grow and become more effective, and last but not least,
  • Experience those greatest of motivators, fun and a sense of personal and team achievement!!

Try and one or two days break from the office. Have fun! Learn something new and out of the ordinary and take some learning about team effectiveness back to the office.

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