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Before participation in MK Fencing Academy Dubai programmes, you will be required to fill in and sign a waiver of liability form here:

**Important Notice: Mandatory Waiver Form – No Participation Without Completion**

Attention all participants, kindly be informed that the above waiver form is an absolute requirement for our programmes. Participation will be strictly prohibited unless the waiver form is duly completed. Your safety and the integrity of our activities are our top priorities. Thank you for your cooperation.

Participation Expectation Guidance for MKFA Fencing Programmes

To ensure a safe, organized, and enjoyable experience for all participants, we kindly request that all attendees adhere to the following expectations during their involvement in MKFA (MK Fencing Academy) fencing programmes:

1. Attire: Participants are required to wear the official MKFA t-shirt provided upon registration. This ensures easy identification and promotes a sense of unity among the participants.

2. Clothing: Long black tracksuit pants are the recommended bottom wear for all fencing sessions. These pants offer the necessary flexibility and protection during movements and strikes.

3. Hydration: Staying hydrated is essential during physically demanding activities. We advise all participants to bring a water bottle to the sessions and take regular water breaks to maintain their well-being.

4. Footwear: Indoor trainers or sports shoes are mandatory for all participants. Proper footwear provides stability, and grip, and prevents unnecessary injuries during quick footwork and changes in direction.

By adhering to these participation expectations, all fencers can focus on their training, develop their skills, and enjoy a positive and enriching experience within the MKFA community. Let’s strive together to make our fencing programmes successful and rewarding for everyone involved. Happy fencing!


Please follow the link to complete the MKFA Lessons Booking Portal:


* This concerns only fencers planning to participate in any events during the season 2023-2024.

If you are planning to take part in any of the tournaments and competitions throughout the year organised by MKFA (MKFA Cup Series, MKFA International Epee Cup, camps, seminars, etc.) or the UAE Fencing Federation, all related events, you are required to be registered.

Besides the registration form, you will need to provide us with the following:

  • Copy of your passport (front page)
  • Copy of your visa (visa page)
  • 2 passport photos
  • Medical certificate – physical that states that the fencer is fit to participate in Fencing activities and competitions
  • 200 AED Registration fee for Emiratis (per person)
  • 250 AED Registration fee for Expatriates (per person)

Please find the form on the following link: UAE Fencing Federation Registration form

Please send all the documents at once as .PDF files to our email: 

Subject: (Full Name of the Fencer) UAEFF License 2023-2024