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INTERNATIONAL FENCING CAMP 30 July to 6 August 2022 in Kranevo, Bulgaria

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Welcome to the International Fencing Epee Camp of the Olympians where you will learn fencing from the best!

The International Fencing Camp is specially designed for junior athletes of all levels – beginners, intermediate and elite epee fencers in the age categories that go under the international age categories for U12, U15 and U18 boys and girls.

During the 6 action days of the camp (IFC), the participants will be able to fence, train and learn in a safe and happy environment while progressing towards their individual potential, aims and aspirations in fencing. The young athletes will encounter a variety of techniques and training practices, while some of the world’s top fencers share their passion and expertise and guide them in mastering the epee.

The renowned Olympians Ana-Maria Popescu, Ruben Limardo Gascon and Nikolai Novosjolov have joined the 3rd edition of the International Fencing Camp, ready to pass on the flame of the Olympic values to the next generation and give to our young participants the unique opportunity to learn fencing from the best!

The International Fencing Camp will take place from 30 July to 6 August 2022 in Kranevo, Bulgaria. The venue of the camp is the outstanding sporting centre AquaLife Sports Complex

AquaLife is a centre for sports and outdoor activities and is up to the latest world standards. Since 2010 AquaLife has received over 50 000 athletes from different countries. The infrastructure offers everything you need for camps and competitions. Sports facilities have international certificates and are designed for year-round operation.

AquaLife is situated in Kranevo village in northeastern Bulgaria, 24 km from Varna airport and 95 km from Burgas. The village is located on the Black Sea shore between the two biggest Bulgarian resorts, Golden Sands and Albena. The total area is 60 000 sq.m.

Albena at Bulgarian Black Sea is a favourite tourist destination offering a unique combination of sea, sand, greenery, a mix of luxury, modern comfort and a wide range of recreational activities. The ancient Thracians used to call this region “The Valley of Spring” and the Romans later named it “Geranium” – meaning health. For millions of tourists worldwide Albena is the preferred holiday destination thanks to its golden sand, the endless beach, the gentle sea, the clean air, the pleasant hotels and our traditional Bulgarian hospitality. This true paradise, part of Dobrudja, has been attracting tourists from all over the world for more than 50 years – adding memories of sun, sea, warmth and nature.

We believe that excellent preparation and true development happen when the body, mind and heart are all engaged in the learning process. Therefore, we have crafted carefully a unique experience, blending sport, culture, education and nature all in one: the International Fencing Camp – an exclusive opportunity for the young athletes to enhance their motivation, knowledge and skills and live fully the spirit of the Olympic values.

We look forward to a week of great fencing and unforgettable moments together!

Yours in Fencing,

International Fencing Camp Team

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