Annual membership fee (non-compulsory) is 500 AED per fencer.

It includes MKFA T-shirt, Academy member patch and a glove, as well as access to discounted prices (please see below).


Training commitment is important. We suggest attending the training sessions as outlined below to see the maximum progress in Fencing.

New Beginners Programme: minimum of 1 session per week, suggested 2 sessions per week

Beginners Foundation Programme: minimum of 2 sessions per week

Intermediate Development Programme: minimum of 3 sessions per week

Intermediate / Potential Elite Programme: minimum of 3 sessions per week, suggested 4 sessions per week

Elite Programme: minimum of 4 sessions, suggested 5 sessions per week



Group Training Sessions: 

1 Group Training Session: 95 AED per person per session

Private “One on One” Training Session (max 2 fencers):

1 Private Training Session – duration 30min: 220AED (max 2 fencers)

1 Home Private Training Session – duration 60min: 440 AED (max 2 fencers)


Group Training Sessions: 

1 Group Training Session: 105 AED per person per session

Private “One on One” Training Session (max 2 fencers):

1 Private Training Session – duration 30min: 260AED (max 2 fencers)

1 Home Private Training Session – duration 60min: 520 AED (max 2 fencers)


Full fencing equipment is provided to both members and non-members.

Training outfit:

Beginner fencers are expected to have a comfortable fitness outfit (t-shirt, tracksuit pants, non-marking indoor sports shoes). All other fencing equipment is provided for the first 3 months of the programme. Subsequently, fencers are encouraged to purchase their personal equipment.


Group sessions can be taken session by session or with bimonthly packages. As per your personal goals and needs, there are tailored packages of 10, 16, 24 or unlimited sessions for a period of 2 months which offer convenient saving plans.

If you cannot attend your committed lessons for one or another reason you would not be able to make them up in the future and they will pass unused. We understand that there will be circumstances that can’t be avoided like illness, injury etc. Such circumstances can be considered on a case by case basis and we can, of course, be flexible and come up with a solution accordingly.

Kindly plan well to avoid missing lessons and in particular with upcoming school exams etc. which are very important. With good planning, your children fencing programme will not be interrupted and they will progress steadily.


Private training sessions may be cancelled 24 hours before the scheduled session start without a fee. If the student is unable to inform us of session cancellation 24 hours before, the full price of the lesson must be paid.

We are fairly relaxed about the 24-hour policy, and as long as the student cancels the day before, even if it’s not a full 24 hours notice, MKFA will not charge for the lesson.


Use of Academy equipment:

Fencing equipment is expensive, and MKFA is fortunate to have a reasonable amount of gear for use by its fencers. Fencers who are beginners may use the Academy equipment for the first three months, after which they are expected to purchase their own swords, glove, mask, jacket, plastron, etc. In particular, the Academy does supply electric swords for regular MKFA fencers. Electric scoring boxes, spools are available for use by all Academy fencers during Academy times. Note that the Academy equipment may only be used by Academy fencers.

Please handle the equipment carefully. If something breaks, please put it aside and inform the coach in order to be replaced. There is a charge of AED 100 for a broken sword or damaged glove, jacket, mask, etc (Academy equipment).

If you would like to order your personal equipment please contact us on: fence@mkfencingacademy.com