PBT FENCING Equipment is available in United Arab Emirates at MK Fencing Academy

Dear Fencers,

We are proud to announce that MKFA is the PBT’s Official Exclusive dealer for UAE and GCC countries.

For ordering please visit to view the available products. 

While preparing your order please choose the needed product(s), size(s), quantity(ies) and the product SKU number. Once you have the desired products please send us a list to for a quotation.

Prices on the above PBT link are applied to orders in EU only. Different prices are applied to orders from UAE and GCC countries. Our prices DO NOT include the cost of delivery for orders outside Dubai.

If you have any further questions, requests or you need any help choosing your equipment please do not hesitate to contact us at any time via email: .

Thank you.

Suggested Equipment For Beginner Fencers:

  • Mask 350 N
  • Fencing Jacket 350 N
  • Fencing Pants 350 N
  • Under plastron
  • Breast protector
  • Fencing Socks
  • Glove
  • Body wire
  • Epee  (sizes are from 2 to 5. Size 2 for a very young fencers age 6-9; Size 3 for young fencers age 10-12; Size 5 for all other fencers age 12 +; Please be informed that those seizes can change in individual cases)

* Please note: The shown above 350N is a club level equipment. If you are planning to participate in any International events, you will be required to have FIE International level equipment.