MKFA Epee Cup (747 of 1494)
MKFA Epee Cup (449 of 1494)
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MKFA Epee Cup (1280 of 1494)
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MK Fencing Academy (MKFA) branch of Super Sports Academy LLC “Center of Excellence”


“Passion for Fencing”


Integrity, respect, dedication, honesty, innovation, responsibility , quality, learning, enjoyment, fulfilment.

Mission Statement

To achieve the standards of a World class Fencing Academy through dedicated teamwork, innovative Academy training programs, fencers motivation and respect.


MK Fencing Academy MKFA, UAE is affiliated as a member at with the UAE Fencing Federation. [UAE Affiliation Certificate]

MK Fencing Academy runes as a branch under the umbrella of Super Sports Acadmey LLC Super Sports Academy.


MKFA is using the excellent facilities of Raffles International School part of Innoventures Education and it is the only fencing centre in the entire UAE.

Welcome to MK Fencing Academy by Super Sports Academy LLC is founded in 2002, the first of its kind in the Middle East. It is the country’s premier academy for learning to fence, as well as developing existing fencing skills!

The Academy applies the innovative international coaching techniques of the Bulgarian Fencing system lead by Prof. Krasimir Petkov, Ph.D. at National Sports Academy mixed with the Italian, French, Hungaria and Russian systems. That technique is influenced by the world-leading fencing masters that are used in the coaching of Olympic and World Champions in the various fencing swords.

Originally called Dubai Fencing Club it changed its name in 2008 to MK Fencing Academy to reflect the fact that operates throughout the UAE and the Middle East, not just Dubai.

The Academy’s primary objective is to promote modern fencing as an exciting and enjoyable sport for all, to be the central source of fencing and to give the opportunity to people to enjoy the sport of fencing in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, entire UAE and the Middle East. The MK Fencing Academy coaching schedule covers junior fencing programmes (ages 6+), a recreational level of fencing programmes and competitive National and International level fencing programmes in the three swords Epee, Foil and Saber.

We invite you to browse through our website to learn more about fencing and the activities of our academy. You can join us to learn and play fencing by registering here. For complete fencing training schedule please click here.

MK Fencing Academy, UAE

“Where the Champions are born”

MKFA Programs

In the Academy are practising fencers from 6 years old – recreational and Olympic level of fencers! The training sessions are conducted by professional and very well educated Master coaches. The training sessions are flexible and focused on the individual goals of the fencers. The duration is between 30min (for the “one on one” private fencing sessions) to 90min (group sessions) it depends on the age, the level and the stage of preparation. The sessions are including specific fencing drills such as movements, techniques, tactics and match play.

MKFA Objectives

  • To promote the sport of modern Fencing amongst all people in the United Arab Emirates as practice for young and old, men and women, boys and girls from different cultures and education
  • To develop competitive UAE National and Expatriates fencers of all levels from beginners to Olympic players and to encourage recreational fencers
  • To make Fencing a sustainable and viable prospect throughout the United Arab Emirates and educate young people in particular
  • To develop their physical prowess as well as social competencies such as working as part of a team, solidarity, tolerance and fair play
  • To provide the highest level of facility and equipment to all for use and enjoy the sport of modern Fencing
  • Maintain safety and enjoyable fencing training sessions
  • To develop a strong social base and, most of all to have FUN

Our team

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Mihail Kouzev

Founder & President, Maître D'armes

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Maria Kouzeva

Co-Founder & Finance, Maître D'armes

+971 50 68 42 935

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Ivan Todorov


+971 50 87 28 248

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Martin Stoev


+971 56 94 77 282